Pycharm hidden gems

A few interesting features of Pycharm that are otherwise not commonly known or uses

Live templates

Live templates make it easy to add commonly used or otherwise annoying boiler plate code. I will not cover the existing live templates, you can have a look for yourself (File -> Settings [ctrl + alt + s] -> Editor -> Live Templates)

I do have a few custom ones to share that may be of interest

# Sanic route
async def $ROUTE$(_: Request) -> HTTPResponse:
    return response.json(['a', 'b'])

# Logger
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# Data class
class $NAME$:
    test: str

# Data class json
class $NAME$:
    test: str

Post fix autocompletion

Post fix autocompletion can make writting certain Python constructs faster. For example if you want the following

if user.authorized:
    current_user = user

Instead of typing if user.authorized , you could type user.authorized.if and hit tab resulting in the if statement block and cursor on the next line.

The other supported postfix template are:

if a is None:

if a is not None:



if __name__ == '__main__':

not a


return a

while a:

To my dissapointment Pycharm currently does not support adding new post fix template for Python but for SQL.

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